Photo of Rabbi Ettedgui


Yo, Rabbi Ettedqui is our treasure.
Oh so wise, he's way beyond measure.
This wonderful man who is our sage
Has just turned a very special age.

Nothin' 'bout him shady,
He's a very youthful eighty.
Always goes the extra mile
with his warm and winning smile.

Doesn't eat tacos,
Comes from Morocco.
Likes a little spice,
His Cholent's very nice.

Wife, kids and "ainikels"
are so glad,
He the best "abba" the family ever had.
He's so cool.
Used to teach school.
Talmud Torah is where he'd rule.
Now a second career -
He's the leader of our shul.

He's our mentor, he's our teacher,
and he's our friend.
Learned and talented - there's no end.
He's got the aura,
Reads great Torah,
Him we adorah!

Helps congregants with happy.
Helps congregants with sad.
Leads little Sharei Chesed
through good times
and through bad.

Rabbi, we can't thank you enough,
for help through the good times
and patches that were rough.

You're not about exclusive,
You're all about inclusive.
Takes every opportunity
to lead in our community.
With a firm, but gentle hand,
spreads our Sharei Chesed brand.
Always with integrity,
Haymish and with levity.
Always in the know,
You've helped our shul to grow.

So raise your glasses,
and raise them high
all for this wonderful guy.
Don't want to roast him,
Just want toast him.
Oh how quickly these years fly by.

Rabbi, as we sit here, we all "kvel",
We all want to wish you well.
Let's give a cheer,
Make it nice and clear,
Happy, Happy Birthday
on your 80th Year.
This rap is done in all it's length
May you continue to go from strength to strength.

Zolts du leben biz a hundert un tsvansik,
mit mazel, mit glick, un gezendt.

Happy Birthday, Rabbi Ettedqui!!

Composed by Congregant Annalee Odessky in February 2016 to honor Rabbi Ettedqui on his 80th birthday: